NADRI was established in 1984 in Korea by Founder & CEO Young Tae MacGyver Choi and is a global provider of beautiful, high quality fashion and bridge jewelry. In 1997, Mr. Choi decided to move NADRI to our new international headquarters in New York City metropolis, where we currently reside.

Our vision and focus is to create exquisite jewelry by paying close attention to detail and striving for perfection, giving our consumers the best design and quality available in the industry. NADRI brands are consistently recognized for having the highest level of quality in our channel of business. We aspire to give more value than the actual price reflects. Our brands include NADRI, CELARA, ADRIANA ORSINI, and ELIOT DANORI.

We own our manufacturing facilities, and adhere to the standards of fine jewelry production, using the best possible materials and techniques in every step of the production process. We take pride in our work and end product. Precious metals are utilized in our plating which include 18K Gold, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. NADRI continues to grow each year with the support of a loyal consumer following who recognize and appreciate the value and quality of our products.







The NADRI brand is synonymous with timelessness and elegance. NADRI products are manufactured with the same craftsmanship and detailing that is used in making fine diamond jewelry. NADRI designs are versatile and range from vintage to modern. Every piece is held to the highest quality standard, ensuring that the wearer will enjoy it for years to come.

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NADRI.925 genuine sterling silver styles feature carefully selected semi-precious stones such as mother-of-pearl and white topaz that are accented with cubic zirconia. Our NADRI.925 collections range from organic to modern styles. The craftsmanship is an essential component and is noticeably present in every NADRI.925 piece. Quality is what makes NADRI.925 special, from the uniquely faceted stones that are cut by hand to the meticulous polishing of each piece to a high luster.




CELARA takes inspiration from the celestial world and translates it into modern, sophisticated 14K gold and diamond jewelry built around a unique chain that is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The strikingly innovative and subtle combination creates designs that are incredibly comfortable to wear and offers an easy elegance.

Available at Saks.com and Celaracollection.com




Sterling Silver (Ag) and Diamond (Carbon) jewelry with a thoughtfully bold attitude.

Our sterling silver pieces are lavishly colored with 18 karat gold and a ground of black ruthenium paved with dusky diamonds.  Each piece is hand-finished creating a softened vintage vibe.

Embraced by those with an unbridled desire to express themselves, Ag+C appeals to women and men with a creative soul, a wild heart, and an unconventional state of mind.






ADRIANA ORSINI personifies luxury, from the fine pavé setting to the lavish abundance of glistening cubic zirconias. Every ORSINI design creates an aura of drama and opulence, making it a fine choice when in need of a show-stopping touch to any ensemble. The fine artisan detailing is evident in every ORSINI creation. The richness begins with the design and is forever preserved in each finished piece.

Available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue





Eliot Danori incorporates classic elements to create an exquisite aesthetic that is both eye-catching and wearable. Each design exudes a classy sophistication that can be worn for all occasions from social to formal. Danori designs are hand crafted utilizing the highest form of quality standards.

Available exclusively at Macy's